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MSBTE K Scheme Syllabus , Subjects And Curriculum Free PDF Download

MSBTE K scheme is is one of the anticipated scheme there was lots of confusion out there does it will

By Akhil Kalwat 7 Min Read

3 ways to prime number program in C++ with time and space complexity

Prime numbers have a major role in both computer science and mathematics. These unique integers, divisible only by 1 and

By Akhil Kalwat 9 Min Read

Inheritance in C++ : What is Inheritance and Their Types With Example

Have you ever wondered how experienced programmers construct complicated software systems with organised and reused code? One of the main

By Akhil Kalwat 15 Min Read

Software testing model answer papers free download

Software testing (subject code :22518) it is a totally theory subject that why students usually not able to score marks

By Akhil Kalwat 5 Min Read

MSBTE carry on update 2023:Polytechnic and Engineering students will get carry on ?

MSBTE carry on According to latest GR released by MSBTE on 24 July 2023 it is clear that MSBTE Pharmacy

By Akhil Kalwat 5 Min Read